About Us


The Sister City Association of Garden Grove is a nonprofit California corporation, organized to further the knowledge and understanding between the people of Garden Grove and those of similar cities in foreign countries.


To promote understanding of other cultures through education and exchange programs.

To encourage interest in and a value for different cultures.

To develop a process whereby Garden Grove residents have the means and opportunities to learn about and communicate with people from foreign countries.

Anyang History

Picture-222_0.jpgWith an ancestry dating back to the Sixth Century, the area known as Anyang, South Korea became a city in 1973. It has a population of 630,000 and covers an area of 58.5 sq. km. Situated 25 km south of Seoul in a beautiful location of rolling hills, Anyang has become an industrial leader in the Korean economy since the Korean War.

The main products that are produced by Anyang include machinery, electronics, medicine, film and textiles. Many information technology industries have located in this regional area. It is also served by a regional transportation system, including rails, subways, and freeways. Some vestiges of natural beauty such as forests, scenic farmlands, and rolling hills still can be seen at outskirts of Anyang.

Today, Anyang is a fast-growing city that is nationally recognized as one of the best places to live and work. It has many attributes, including a fine educational system that features a multitude of schools and colleges.

Garden Grove History

clocktower-sm.jpgIn 1874, Dr. Alonzo Cook donated a portion of land to form the beginning of a central village southeast of Los Angeles. Dr. Cook suggested the name ‘Garden Grove,’ but because there was an absence of gardens, some people objected to the notion.

However, Cook declared it suitable by saying, “We’ll make it appropriate by planting trees, and making it beautiful.” The village quickly became a busy town with agriculture, business, and a railroad line from Los Angeles to Santa Ana running right near the center of commerce. After World War II, Garden Grove became one of the fastest growing communities in the United States. In 1956, the city incorporated.

As of 2000, the City of Garden Grove boasts a population of over 169,000 residents. The City is dynamic, and thrives in the heart of Orange County. The City maintains a balance of modern
shopping centers, businesses, industrial complexes, and houses, while still keeping a strong sense of its roots due to its colorful history.