2016 All Good things must come to an end!

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Thursday was an eventful day that included a trip to the Kia Motors production factory and an old, traditional village. We saw how the most modern car is being made and then walked through old straw huts and witnessed fantastic acrobatic feats.
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Friday was our last full day. We went to the DMZ, the section of assigned peace between North Korea and South Korea. We looked at the greenimage (5) landscape separating the two and walked down to the 3rd Tunnel –  a man made tunnel stretching from the north to the south which was halted when the South Koreans discovered it. We toured a train station in Dora that was built in preparation to connect with the north once unification is achieved. It waits empty now but it does serve as a monument of hope.
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Saturday morning, we were given a farewell ceremony with all of our parents, siblings, and friends. The tears came early and didn’t stop until we had passed through the check through at the airport. These days went so quickly and our trip ended too short. The students held on to their Korean families until the last minutes. A successful trip, I’d say.