2017 Anyang, Republic of Korea, Visit to Garden Grove

It has been a busy week so far for our Korean guests!

They enjoyed a sunny day on the California coast in Huntington Beach.

They visited two of our local theme parks, Knott’s Berry Farm and The Great Wolf Lodge

And they got tours of Garden Grove City Services


On Tuesday evening the Mayor and City Council held a reception for our visiting guests and presented each of them with honorary citizenship. One of the Korean students, Kim Suhyeon also did a great job reading a Letter from mayor of Anyang.


2016 All Good things must come to an end!

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Thursday was an eventful day that included a trip to the Kia Motors production factory and an old, traditional village. We saw how the most modern car is being made and then walked through old straw huts and witnessed fantastic acrobatic feats.
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Friday was our last full day. We went to the DMZ, the section of assigned peace between North Korea and South Korea. We looked at the greenimage (5) landscape separating the two and walked down to the 3rd Tunnel –  a man made tunnel stretching from the north to the south which was halted when the South Koreans discovered it. We toured a train station in Dora that was built in preparation to connect with the north once unification is achieved. It waits empty now but it does serve as a monument of hope.
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Saturday morning, we were given a farewell ceremony with all of our parents, siblings, and friends. The tears came early and didn’t stop until we had passed through the check through at the airport. These days went so quickly and our trip ended too short. The students held on to their Korean families until the last minutes. A successful trip, I’d say.

2016 It has been a BUSY week so far!

Monday was our formal and official day that started with cherry blossom viewing and archery and ended with a meeting of the mayor and the city council of Anyang. image (7)


Tuesday was the day we visited the local university and high school followed by a trip to the Manners Education Center where we dressed in traditional Korean clothing and participated in a traditional tea ceremony with cookies and tea made by the students.
First, we were welcomed to Sungkyul University and each student sat with a student of the school and made fast friends. The students played games together and were then serenaded by two boys of the university. Our translator even sang for us.
 image (3)
At the Anyang library we were quickly distracted by an army of toddlers and then delivered our gift of used books. We toured the large library and were sent off to our next destination with many a goodbye.
image (4)
Next, at the high school, we were welcomed with a clamor of drums as the band students escorted us into the school. We were greeted by many smiling faces and saw a few familiar ones as well. The students went on to get a quick tour by several students and then were taught how to play the band drums and gong. It was hard to leave as we could only stay for a short time, but everyone had a great time.
Lastly, at the Manners Center, we were dressed in the. traditional clothes of princess and princes and scholars and dignitaries. After many pictures and an explanation of the outfits, we pressed dough into molds to make our own tea cookies. See were then eaten after we performed the tea ceremony and enjoyed fresh green tea. After a long day, we headed home.
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On Wednesday we visited Everland!!!
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2016 The First Full Day in Korea

As our first full day comes to a close, let me give you a quick summary on what adventures we had.
     After a drive into the busy city of Seoul, we took a trip to the Alive Museum: a quirky place where you could put yourself on display as an accompaniment to a piece of art, whether it be 2D or 3D. We took pictures, we posed; we ran amok. We even competed against each other in a maze/obstacle course where each room contained some new challenge to overcome.
     image (1)
After that it was off to Insadong for a delicious lunch or traditional Korean dishes and then we were set loose into the streets to shop the many vendors lining the road. When all purchases had been made, we took a quick tour within the walls of the Royal Palace before heading home to our host families. All in all, another enjoyable experience.

2016 We made it to Anyang!


After a very long, long, flight, we landed and were greeted by the chaperons that visited in January. Then we were whisked away to a lovely welcoming ceremony where we were reunited with many of the girls who visited in January. Each child was then matched with their host family and off everyone went to enjoy their first night in Korea.


Tomorrow is a full day in Seoul. Will carry on with the updates then.

2016 Bags are packed and we are getting ready to go!

2016-03-22 19.09.17

The student selected to travel to Korea were honored at the most recent city council meeting.

They will soon be leaving Garden Grove for Korea, and carrying with them the best wishes from the Garden Grove Mayor and City Council to their counterparts in Anyang.

But before they leave one more dinner together along with the members of Sister City.

2016-03-22 20.09.25

Next time we meet, it will be at LAX!!!

2016 A visit to an American High School (GGHS)

Friday morning brings us to Garden Grove High School home of the Argonauts!


We started with some music from both the Band and Choir and had a nice reception with school’s Assistant Principal and ASB President. The campus Korean Club then took us on a tour of the campus and even had us join them for some of their classes.  20160115_082323_resized

We then ate lunch with the student government, it was In-and-Out, and watched a dodge ball tournament between the school’s different winter sports teams.


This afternoon we head to the USS Iowa and then to Karaoke with our host families and new friends!


2016 We are going to see the STARS!!!

This day’s adventure began at the University of Southern California, USC

2016-01-13 09.06.29

We toured the campus and saw what an American university looks like.

We then went to the California Science Center. There we tried many of the hands-on displays and saw a real rocket ship!!!

2016-01-13 11.25.10-2

We stopped for lunch at Dog Haus and had an “American” meal!

Cowboy hotdogs with bacon, BBQ sauce, and onion strings on a Hawaiian bun. With fries, of course.

2016-01-13 13.38.30

We then headed to the Griffith Observatory!2016-01-13 14.39.50-2

From there we could see the famous Hollywood sign and all of LA.

2016-01-13 14.39.22

The adults then had a great meal at a downtown Garden Grove restaurant, Doug’s Downtown Grill.

2016-01-13 21.44.51

2016 The Journey Continues

2016-01-12 13.56.28

On Tuesday our guests visited Los Amigos HS and many of our city departments.  They went to City Hall, the Police Department, Fire Department and the OC Library.

2016-01-12 15.11.482016-01-12 15.36.47-2

The City then hosted a reception and presented honorary citizenship to our Korean friends. One of the Korean students then read a letter from the Mayor of Anyang to our Mayor and City Council.

2016-01-12 18.51.112016-01-12 18.02.42

Finally, the Korean delegation was presented to the City Council in the community spotlight, during the city council meeting.  2016-01-12 18.46.04  2016-01-12 18.43.30