2017 Anyang, Republic of Korea, Visit to Garden Grove

It has been a busy week so far for our Korean guests!

They enjoyed a sunny day on the California coast in Huntington Beach.

They visited two of our local theme parks, Knott’s Berry Farm and The Great Wolf Lodge

And they got tours of Garden Grove City Services


On Tuesday evening the Mayor and City Council held a reception for our visiting guests and presented each of them with honorary citizenship. One of the Korean students, Kim Suhyeon also did a great job reading a Letter from mayor of Anyang.


2016 A visit to an American High School (GGHS)

Friday morning brings us to Garden Grove High School home of the Argonauts!


We started with some music from both the Band and Choir and had a nice reception with school’s Assistant Principal and ASB President. The campus Korean Club then took us on a tour of the campus and even had us join them for some of their classes.  20160115_082323_resized

We then ate lunch with the student government, it was In-and-Out, and watched a dodge ball tournament between the school’s different winter sports teams.


This afternoon we head to the USS Iowa and then to Karaoke with our host families and new friends!


2016 We are going to see the STARS!!!

This day’s adventure began at the University of Southern California, USC

2016-01-13 09.06.29

We toured the campus and saw what an American university looks like.

We then went to the California Science Center. There we tried many of the hands-on displays and saw a real rocket ship!!!

2016-01-13 11.25.10-2

We stopped for lunch at Dog Haus and had an “American” meal!

Cowboy hotdogs with bacon, BBQ sauce, and onion strings on a Hawaiian bun. With fries, of course.

2016-01-13 13.38.30

We then headed to the Griffith Observatory!2016-01-13 14.39.50-2

From there we could see the famous Hollywood sign and all of LA.

2016-01-13 14.39.22

The adults then had a great meal at a downtown Garden Grove restaurant, Doug’s Downtown Grill.

2016-01-13 21.44.51

2016 The Journey Continues

2016-01-12 13.56.28

On Tuesday our guests visited Los Amigos HS and many of our city departments.  They went to City Hall, the Police Department, Fire Department and the OC Library.

2016-01-12 15.11.482016-01-12 15.36.47-2

The City then hosted a reception and presented honorary citizenship to our Korean friends. One of the Korean students then read a letter from the Mayor of Anyang to our Mayor and City Council.

2016-01-12 18.51.112016-01-12 18.02.42

Finally, the Korean delegation was presented to the City Council in the community spotlight, during the city council meeting.  2016-01-12 18.46.04  2016-01-12 18.43.30

2016 Welcome to our Korean Guests!!!

IMG_20160109_104016Our guests from Anyang arrive Saturday morning and meet their host families for the first time at a reception in Garden Grove.  On Sunday, all the families met again in Huntington Beach to experience a Southern California beach party.  It was a little colder than a typical Socal day, but the food was good and we enjoyed dipping our feet in the water and walking the pier.


Monday we set off to Knott’s Berry Farm after some breakfast at Mc’D’s!