2016 It has been a BUSY week so far!

Monday was our formal and official day that started with cherry blossom viewing and archery and ended with a meeting of the mayor and the city council of Anyang. image (7)


Tuesday was the day we visited the local university and high school followed by a trip to the Manners Education Center where we dressed in traditional Korean clothing and participated in a traditional tea ceremony with cookies and tea made by the students.
First, we were welcomed to Sungkyul University and each student sat with a student of the school and made fast friends. The students played games together and were then serenaded by two boys of the university. Our translator even sang for us.
 image (3)
At the Anyang library we were quickly distracted by an army of toddlers and then delivered our gift of used books. We toured the large library and were sent off to our next destination with many a goodbye.
image (4)
Next, at the high school, we were welcomed with a clamor of drums as the band students escorted us into the school. We were greeted by many smiling faces and saw a few familiar ones as well. The students went on to get a quick tour by several students and then were taught how to play the band drums and gong. It was hard to leave as we could only stay for a short time, but everyone had a great time.
Lastly, at the Manners Center, we were dressed in the. traditional clothes of princess and princes and scholars and dignitaries. After many pictures and an explanation of the outfits, we pressed dough into molds to make our own tea cookies. See were then eaten after we performed the tea ceremony and enjoyed fresh green tea. After a long day, we headed home.
image (5)
On Wednesday we visited Everland!!!
image (2)