Application Information

 Applications for 2018 ARE NOW Closed – Applications for 2019 will be in Fall 2018


Click Link at bottom of this page to start your application.

Before starting an application make sure you have read and have the following information ready:

  • Basic Information (You and parents)
    • Name, Address, Phone numbers, email, school, GPA
  • Write out a 500 word Personal Essay on why you want to participate in this exchange program. Do this on a word processor before you start the application so you can copy and paste it into the application.
  • Have a list of activities that you are involved in, with a brief description of your participation in each activity and when you started/ended each activity. (This can be school club/sports, community or church groups) Again, have this done on a word processor so you can copy and paste into the application.
  • Have a brief explanation of how you plan to pay for your expenses above the scholarship provide by Sister City. This is normally about $700-$800 dollars. Again, word process this answer before starting the application so it can be copied and pasted into the application.
  • If you have a passport you will need to provide the expiration date. (You must be a US citizen)
  • Discuss with your parents about hosting a student from Korea. (We want you to host!) See hosting requirements.
  • *Have your school or other ID with you. (Your passport can work too)
  • *Have an Official or Unofficial Transcript with you.
  • * Two letters of recommendation. 1) From your school. (Teacher, Counselor, Administrator) 2) From a community organization employer, coach, or club adviser (Not another student)

****The ID, Transcript, and letters of recommendation must be added digitally. You can use scanned files that are on your computer or when filling out the application you can use a cell phone with a bar-code reader app to scan a QR code on the computer screen which will let you take a picture of the document and automatically add it to your application.

If you have technical questions about the application please email

If you have questions about exchange program or requirements for the trip please email