Being a Host Family

Koreans to visit from Jan 13-21th, 2018

One of the highlights of the exchange program is the Koreans’ visit to Garden Grove. 

In January, ten students visit our homes, schools, attractions and city government for a week. The Korean exchange students are hosted by families of our program participants and members of the community to gain a firsthand understanding of American culture and to foster the relationship between our two cities.


Hosting a student is a very important part of our program and provides experiences vital to the complete cultural exchange between our countries. We strongly encourage all of our participants to host. Hosting provides an opportunity for the whole family to participate in the exchange program and is extremely significant to our students that travel to Korea. The bonds created between families and visiting students have lasted well beyond our program, with many families later traveling to Korea to meet again with their visiting students and their real families.  We even have host families who continue to request to host even after their students have completed the trip to Korea. Additionally, we endeavor to match up students who host with the family of the Korean who visited, thus strengthening the bond between students and families. This is truly a positive experience for your whole family and again is highly recommended to maximize the exchange experience.

Hosting does require a few things, but generally, these are no different than what you do for your own children. 

  1. Provide a safe and secure environment
  2. Willingness to share your culture and home
  3. Drive student to drop off location each morning (Normally at the community center across the street from Garden Grove High School)
  4. Pick up student each evening at various locations around Garden Grove (and Huntington Beach on Sunday for a beach party)
  5. Provide breakfast each morning and other meals as necessary. (Lunch and most dinners will be arranged by Sister City)
  6. Provide a non-shared bed in a bedroom (a shared same sex bedroom is ok, your child can sleep on the floor in the same room as the Korean in the bed)
  7. Accessible laundry facilities
  8. Encourage English speaking by you and/or your children
  9. Be flexible with times and locations
  10. Plan a family day with your exchange student on a Saturday
  11. Reliable cell phone to be in contact with Sister City representatives in case of emergency or change of plans

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