Foreign Travel Agreement and Code of Conduct

If accepted to participate in the Student Exchange Program you will need to agree to the following. 

  • Travel to any foreign country may involve changes in the plans, unexpected delays, and limited access to some services;
  • I am subject to the laws of the country visited;
  • The Sister City Association of Garden Grove cannot be held responsible for the actions of a foreign government or its representatives;
  • The use of transportation, housing, food and other goods and services or activities in connection with participation in this program carries a risk of personal injury, property loss, or both, to participants. In spite of these risks, I wish to participate in the program, and assume the liability and responsibility for any and all potential risks that may be associated with participation in the program;
  • I agree to release and discharge the Sister City Association of Garden Grove, its officers and agents from liability for injury, damage or loss of any kind, that may arise in any way or for whatever reason out of participation in this program;
  • My airline ticket is non-refundable once it has been issued;
  • I have no known medical condition that would risk my health or safety by my participating in this program, and
  • I am expected to follow all applicable Sister City policies that may apply to this program, and adhere to the Student Code of Conduct and this Foreign Travel Agreement


Student must also adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

  1. Students are subject to the authority of the chaperone(s) at all times and students will not question the chaperones’ authority;
  1. The nightly curfew will be established by the host family and chaperone(s), and relayed to the

students. Students are to be in their host home at the indicated curfew time;

  1. Students may not leave their host homes after curfew;
  1. Students must respect host home property. The student responsible must pay for any damage or

misappropriation of property;

  1. Students must pay their hosts for phone calls and any other incidental expenses incurred the

evening prior to departure for home;

  1. Students must be considerate and respectful of the rights of other host family members and interact

with their host family;

  1. Students must check with the chaperone for daily schedule of activities;
  1. Students must be on time for all scheduled activities. Tardiness causes inconveniences to others,

which may cause missing an activity, and sometimes, financial loss to the student;

  1. Students must present themselves for each meal included in the program. (The chaperone(s) should

already know of any dietary problem or limitation, and will try to make adjustments accordingly);

  1. Students with medication must disclose that to the chaperone(s) and have a current prescription

bottle with label;

  1. Students are expected to participate in all planned group activities. The only excuse for absence

from an excursion or activity is illness;

  1. At various events, meetings or cultural locations “appropriate” clothing must be worn. Students

will be required to dress as advised by the chaperone(s) for these events and advised what type of

clothing to bring on the exchange tour;

  1. Students may not go out at night unless they are accompanied by a chaperone, adult host family member, or other designated personnel;
  1. Students are not permitted to go off on their own. Free times provide an opportunity for

independent activities and the pursuit of personal interests; however, students must engage in

these activities in groups of three or more. The chaperone(s) or host family must always be told

where the students are going, with whom, and the time that they will return;

  1. Students are warned that carrying or using drugs in all foreign nations is an offense that is

punished by immediate imprisonment. The chaperone(s) cannot be responsible for helping any

student who so violates the law. Required medication should be prescribed by a doctor and

properly labeled;

  1. Students must follow South Korean laws and customs. Any violations may be subject to

disciplinary actions by South Korean authorities and/or at the discretion of Sister City chaperones;

  1. Students are expected to take care of their own passports; they should be carried at all times.

However, the chaperone(s) may hold all passports and airline tickets;

  1. Students are expected to take care of their own spending money. Although the chaperone(s) will

be happy to give the students advice, they will not be responsible for the loss or misappropriation

of student’s spending money;

  1. Students are expected to show consideration and respect for their fellow students, chaperones,

host family, guides, bus drivers, and restaurant personnel and all other people in general;

  1. Any student who commits a serious breach of discipline may be expelled from the tour at any time, and will be returned to the U.S.A. by the chaperone at the expense of the parents/guardians of the student;
  1. Students are expected to participate in Sister City events after their tour, such as the post trip BBQ

and fundraising events such as The Strawberry Festival 5K and July firework stand. This is a commitment.

The chaperone(s) may require additional “conduct” to be followed based upon local Korean customs or “socially acceptable” standards.